About me

Mother, wife and educator of regular and special education children for 33 years. Loving and enjoying the beauty of my life purpose. Appreciating my life more, my priorities and feeling this sense of service for others have been taking me to this new path that fulfill my life every moment.

I am very intuitive, observant, reflective person who loves to learn each day, appreciate and be thankful of each experience.

      Harmonic Alternative Therapy was born in me as a need to share with others the ways in which I have been taking care of my health and how we should be more focused on prevention, in being assertive with our daily habits providing a physical and mental balance to find stability, peace, serenity, positive mind, prosperity, better health, faith, confidence, energy and above all love in ourselves.

My current mission is to continue teaching through experiential workshops and / or distance the importance of living in balance, maintaining excellent health, encouraging the use of alternative therapies, how to maintain a positive level of energy that gives us to face obstacles and receive them as powerful lessons of growth.

My love for Reiki is not a coincidence it is the result of feeling the power of my own energy.

                                                                                                                        Ana Teresa